Shire Woodworking Club – July 2018 Newsletter

Shire Woodworking Club – July 2018 Newsletter posted below.   Quite a lot about the clubs 20th anniversary, I arrived at the Maxi Day late so missed the cake cutting and speeches. Did manage to win $15 in the raffle which was the first win for a long time.  Quite interesting demo on wheel making, I have one of the good cutters at home but have only tried it with pine or other light woods; […]

Something different – Polymer Clay

Something different – Polymer Clay. I attended a Polymer Clay workshop at the local community college last weekend; I couldn’t pass on the 60% course discount! Nadine from Own Sweet Time was the tutor and had thought only 5 would attend but 10 of us used the last minute discount to register.  The class was mainly about Jewelry but I took along some pen, razor and key ring tubes to see if they would work. Nadine also […]

Shire Woodworking Club – 20th Year Anniversary in June 2018

Shire Woodworking Club – 20th Year Anniversary in June 2018. I have been a member for about 15 of these years and have seen huge changes in the members and the equipment available. We were always considered as inferior at the Cubby House Woodturners; a bit strange for me as I am still a member of both clubs. While we were based there we didn’t have many members who were only woodworkers but now there […]

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