SWC Wooden Trucks for Sydney Children’s Hospital

Shire Woodworking Club’s Wooden Fendered Trucks for Sydney Children’s Hospital.  Interesting article by Barry in the June Sawdust & shavings newsletter about the history of the trucks with photos of the inspiration.

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick Toy Delivery by Shire Woodworking Club

Extract from August newsletter (my trucks are on the left side in the middle): Delivery on Friday 22 July of 217 items for the Child Life and Music Therapists at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. They are are always grateful for contributions to their work with the young patients in their care. Charitable Toy & Item […]

Clocks, Clocks and more Clocks

The Shire Woodworking Club June maxi-day was clock day where members brought in clocks they had made or wood like to make. There was a diverse mix of clocks as per the photos in the newsletter:  

This years plank competition entry – due 10th September.

I am making this from plans from toysandjoys but I have turned the engine which should look better. Not sure about the wheels yet, will probably end up using the ones provided with the plan. Dimensioning the timber is the challenge and making my 10/20 drum sander work hard. I have got most of the pieces the […]

Shire Woodworking Club – 2016 Plank Competition.

I have entered this competition for a number of years without winning any prizes; although I have been advised that if some of the items had been finished I would have performed a lot better. I seem to run out of time every year as I have a habit of changing my mind over what […]