Shire Woodworking Club

Shire Woodworking Club – September 2017 Newsletter

Shire Woodworking Club – September 2017 Newsletter posted below. Good turnout for the AGM, I am on the toy making subcommittee again.  Good to see that all positions were filled before the AGM; definitely not the case in most clubs. The main committee does a great job and are very committed.   Overview of the years activities; I didn't realise that we had delivered 1193 items to the Randwick Children's Hospital plus the Christmas charity donations. I delivered 10 toy trucks for the club and was persua[...]

Shire Woodworking Club – August 2017 Newsletter

Shire Woodworking Club – August 2017 Newsletter posted below.   Huge 445 items in toy delivery to  the Child Life and Music Therapists at Sydney Children's Hospital on Wednesday 20th July. Good article showing numbers of types of toys plus some items painted by the children. I didn't have any items in this delivery but dropped off 12 wooden trucks at the maxi day.   I am featured on page 8 displaying my stabilised burl turnings of a pen and multiple keyrings.  Some photos of the worksh[...]

Workshop Update – a bit of turning and buying

Workshop Update - a bit of turning and buying Helped out at a working bee / wood clearout at Shire Woodworking club during the week and was able to restrict myself to only bring a small amount home. The PNG Rosewood block has some major cracks so will need to be cut into pieces for turning. The narrow pieces are oak and I am intending to use these in a chopping board (I have not made one yet). can't remember what the branch is but apparently good for turning although has a serious crack so will have to see. The half round[...]

Shire Woodworking Club – July 2017 Newsletter

Shire Woodworking Club – July 2017 Newsletter posted below. Interesting presentation at last maxi day by Ray Tregoning on saw blades; article with pictures included below. Good article about the Sydney Timber & Working with Wood Show with some photos. I was also disappointed with the stalls this year as it has been getting smaller each year. I was able to go in my lunch break and I was back in 1.5 hours including the walk from the office! I bought the hand sander as shown in the photo and will include a review[...]

Shire Woodworking Club – June 2017 Newsletter

Shire Woodworking Club – June 2017 Newsletter posted below. Great article with pictures about the club's toymaking activities; unfortunately I am unable to attend due to work. The member profile is on Maurice Smith who actually contacted me via this site to obtain contact information and subsequently joined.  The Sutherland Shire Council has been very good to the club and good to see that the new staff are welcomed appropraitely. Great photo of Terry Murphy on page 3 demonstrating woodturning and showing h[...]

Workshop Update – just two pieces of wood!

Finished one set of cuff links; or just two pieces of wood as my wife's nephew Dylan remarked after I posted them on Instagram.   Will complete some more with burls that I am in the process of sanding but wanted to see how one looked when completed. I need to get working on my Shire Woodworking plank competition entry due later this year - I managed to pickup the pine plank (1500mm x 290mm x 19mm) last month         I decided to make a smaller garage than a previous years en[...]

Shire Woodworking Club – May Newsletter

Shire Woodworking Club - May Newsletter posted below. I was not able to attend the club's April maxi day so was interested in viewing the jigs presented by members; good photos and articles but nothing like actually seeing the jigs and hearing the comments yourself.   Some great photos from the Sydney Royal Easter Show woodworking entries; good to see that a Cubby House member won a prize with his perforated platter. I actually visited the Royal Easter Show this year to view the woodwork entries and was di[...]

Workshop Update – trucks and cufflinks

Workbench status has not changed since last weekend. I don't normally get much done during the week other than batches of gluing or small tasks.   Workshop looks messy but two projects happening at the same time. The green file holds my loose sandpaper sheets.  I am working on another batch of toy trucks for the Shire Woodworking Club to donate to the Sydney Children's Hospital, twelve new builds in progress as below: They are different sizes as the club has provided a mixture of wheels that they a[...]

I appear in Shire Woodworking April newsletter showing my cat scratcher!

I appear in Shire Woodworking April newsletter below on page 9 showing my cat scratcher with a small commentary. Good mix the newsletter as usual with photos from the latest toy delivery of 319 toys and other items to the Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick. Good turnout for the last maxi-day show and tell, always quite a variety of submissions. Some members are quite prolific but they are retired so should have more time; although to hear a lot of them talk they are busier than when they worked!  Good[...]

Shire Woodworking Club still haven’t sold my toy garage!

My 2015 plank competition entry of a toy garage that I finally finished last year was on sale at the Sutherland Seniors Festival in Sydney on the 8th March; visible in the photo on the front page of the March newsletter below.  One of the male members showed additional skills by winning the cake baking competition at the Sutherland Seniors Festival; well done Terry Murphy. I am sure that a lot of the female participants would have been surprised. Terry brought another cake along on the maxi day but by the time I got[...]