Podcasts I listen to and a quick review of each

I have a 30-40 minute drive to work so have quite a bit of time to listen to podcasts in the car, some that I listen to regularly are:

Wood Talk

316 podcasts to date

Almost the original woodworking podcast; I found this a couple of years ago and went back and listened to all the old podcasts which took a while.

Three guys, nice mix of machine and hand tool discussions and advice.

360 with 360 Woodworking

166 podcasts to date (most only around 6 minutes)

Mostly six minute mini casts but have started to introduce 1 hour episodes as well. Two older previously professional woodworkers so a slightly different perspective.

Woodshop 101

46 podcasts to date

Better now that they they have added a third host, all part time so easier to relate to.

The Dusty Life

29 podcasts to date

Three youngish guys with Kyle Toth as the only professional woodworker. Good dynamics between the hosts and quite entertaining.

They tend to invite a caller who has a question onto the show which makes it different to the others.

Modern Woodworkers Association

99 podcasts to date

Good guests on the podcast but can go off on tangents or too much detail like the table arcade.

The Woodworking Podcast

11 podcasts to date

Three full time “content creators”, more like a casual conversation between friends.

Makers’ Hustle

2 podcasts to date

A new maker podcast I heard about on the Modern Woodworkers Association podcast; only part way through the first episode but a slight change of focus.

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