Craft Fairs and Design Markets – free email bootcamp from The Nerdburgers

I recently participated in the free 8 day Craft Fairs and Design Markets bootcamp from The Nerdburgers by Monica Ng.

While this is focused towards Fairs and markets it also covers online selling through Etsy and eBay. Monica designs and sells jewelry but really this makes minimal difference as it is still about items you are selling.

  • Lesson 1: Why you need to sell at craft fairs and design markets
  • Lesson 2: Pricing for profit is not a dirty phrase
  • Lesson 3: Setting your business up online for long term success
  • Lesson 4: Building and styling your booth that’s authentically on-brand
  • Lesson 5: #makersaregonnamake and make some moolah without the slime and sleaze
  • Lesson 6: Discover what the perfect customer experience is
  • Lesson 7: 12 Essential Productivity tools and tips you need for your creative business
  • Lesson 8: The importance of looking after your business’ best and most precious asset: YOU!

The site also includes a very informative blog site; you will have to register but this is free.

Extract from the website:

Kickstart your creative business dreams and turn it into reality!

  • Do you have an amazing idea for a product or service, but have no idea how to launch and grow your creative business?
  • Do you daydream about a creative business where you make a real living income from your creative passion every day?
  • Are you looking for a comprehensive resource that guides you step by step on how to kickstart your business and start growing it today?
  • Avoid the mistakes and head straight to the front of the line! The Nerd Burgers is your essential resource for launching and growing your business!

If you answered yes to any of these, you’re in the right place my Nerd Burger friend!

Join our Nerd Burgers Club and receive these goodies:

  • The bonus insider guide to my 8 essential online tools and resources I use everyday (and can’t live without) for my online jewellery + objects business,
  • Cheat sheets and tried and tested tips to improve your time management and dramatically increase productivity without burning out,
  • Step by step tutorials and easy to follow templates to help you understand the “scary” numbers behind your business and make better informed decisions,
  • Tried and tested sales techniques to boost your sales and
  • Simple step by step strategies to grow your online community from scratch and more every month!


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