Haven’t managed much shop time recently.

Have had a lot on recently so have not managed to get anything completed hence the frozen in time picture!


Have managed to sharpen a couple of roughing gauges for turning but as it has been so long since I used my Tormek I had to watch the video’s to refresh my memory. All worked although the buffing wheel is totally dry so need to get some light machine oil.

Work I want to get completed:

  • Finish the cat scratchers in the photo, a bit of sanding and staining required.
  • Turn some bullet pens I purchased from Timberbits, I bought the Bolt Action, Mark 2 and Bullet Pen kits; only a couple of each. I have the blanks drilled and glued ready for use.
  • Toy trucks for the Cubby House Turners & Woodies; they gave me some wheels last year for toys. These have to be painted for Christmas gifts to charities. Will try to have some made for their workshop day on the 19th November.
  • Also some trucks for the Shire Woodworking Club charities as well but will be struggling to complete much by the next workshop day on the 12th November 
  • Get some toy templates sorted out for my wife’s niece (10) and nephew (12) for the next time they want to help in the workshop.

Hopefully I will have some photos to prove that things do occasionally happen. 

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