Workshop Update – Toy trucks for charity and some pen turning

Working on the toy trucks for Christmas charity donations; have glued up all the bodies now need to paint them and add the wheels and fenders. Not looking forward to the painting so will try spray cans first. Trucks will be a single colour, either red or blue at this stage.


Also managed some turning, these are the bullet pen parts available from Timberbits. The wood is black palm which is apparently only available in northern Queensland. Needs sharp tools so I had to get the Tormek wet sharpener going. 


Quite happy with the result as only finished with Shellawax cream. Will try CA glue for the next batch as have the rest of the block left.  

Managed to break one of my photography bulbs as was trying a shortcut without using the light-box and correct setup, will post some decent photos when I manage to replace it. 

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