Woodworking drill press injury but not from the drill bit

Drill presses shouldn’t be a dangerous tool when used correctly for woodworking.  I wasn’t hurt by the drill bit but by the toy truck getting caught and spinning into my hand. I was only enlarging the axle hole not making a new one so thought that it was a simple task. This happened on the third truck!    

I should have learnt when this happened in July then this might not have happened last weekend:

[table id=2 /]

This is how I was holding the work compared to how I should have been holding it:

[table id=3 /]

As you can see in the the left photo even the wood I am using underneath is too large for the job and I am totally ignoring the fence. This is a recreated photo showing the bandage for added impact.

After a “few” words from my wife about my stupidity I changed my process to the photo on the right. It didn’t actually take that long which was the main reason I hadn’t made the effort before. I did have to change the table height and as the winder is broken it is a pain. 

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