Shire Woodworking Club – Plank Competition Changed To Toymaking Plank Competition & February Newsletter

The annual Shire Woodworking Club Plank competition has now been changed to the Toymaking Plank Competition with half a previous plank.

I wasn’t at the meetings where the rules were changed but it is a major shift as evidenced by the previous winning entries shown in the newsletter below on page 5. Another major change is that you cannot keep the project and pay for the timber; all entries belong to the club.   

I was going to make the train below last year but had to pull out as I was travelling during the judging. 


As I will only be getting a 1500 mm x 290 mm x 19 mm plank of Radiata Pine I will need to scale this down to 50% if I do make this. I purchased the plans so can photocopy and shrink them easily enough. 



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