Shire Woodworking Club still haven’t sold my toy garage!

My 2015 plank competition entry of a toy garage that I finally finished last year was on sale at the Sutherland Seniors Festival in Sydney on the 8th March; visible in the photo on the front page of the March newsletter below. 

One of the male members showed additional skills by winning the cake baking competition at the Sutherland Seniors Festival; well done Terry Murphy. I am sure that a lot of the female participants would have been surprised. Terry brought another cake along on the maxi day but by the time I got to the table all pieces were gone; need to cut into smaller pieces in the future!  

Very impressive dolls house presented by Warwick (he normally makes extensive vehicle models), photos included.

Good presentations on finishing by various members; photos included in the newsletter. Good photo showing various UBeaut Water Based Stains on radiata pine plus Feast Watson stains. 

The club was donated a very old Incra Ultra Jig that was last used by a deceased member about 15 years ago; this was donated by another past member who was gifted it but never used it. I have a Incra LS Positioner and made the mistake of admitting this at the meeting so was asked to do a demo in the future. I will need to practice a bit first as I have not used mine in quite a while and I always need to do test pieces first just to make sure I have everything correct.  

The club (and quite a few members) have the problem of too much wood (the photo below is only 1 of the storage areas) so I felt I had to help them out by taking some Western Red Cedar! The Cedar is dressed so only needs cutting to length so I may try some handcut dovetails.

We also received 5 containers of veneer from the same couple that gave the Incra Jig so I took a couple of pieces so I could make some small boxes. I have a manual veneer press bag that I bought a while ago and never used so will be a good test. 

March newsletter:

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