Workshop Update – a bit of turning and buying

Workshop Update – a bit of turning and buying Helped out at a working bee / wood clearout at Shire Woodworking club during the week and was able to restrict myself to only bring a small amount home. The PNG Rosewood block has some major cracks so will need to be cut into pieces for turning. The narrow pieces are oak and I am intending to use these in a chopping board (I have not […]

The Cubby House Turners Woodies Inc – July 2017 Newsletter

Current Cubby House Turners Woodies club newsletter below. Only one member passed away last month; although as the average age of members is 80 this will occur. Some good looking show and tell items but a poor showing on the day plus need more general woodwork items. They are getting back into the themed maxi days which I think is a good idea as long as there is enough warning.  

Shire Woodworking Club – July 2017 Newsletter

Shire Woodworking Club – July 2017 Newsletter posted below. Interesting presentation at last maxi day by Ray Tregoning on saw blades; article with pictures included below. Good article about the Sydney Timber & Working with Wood Show with some photos. I was also disappointed with the stalls this year as it has been getting smaller each year. I was able to go in my lunch break and I was back in 1.5 hours including the […]