Workshop Update – my first chopping board

Workshop Update

I have been promising my wife for a while that I would make a replacement cutting board for the kitchen; she finally had enough and threw out the old one!

 I ended up making a small cutting board that can also be used as a charcuterie or cheese board.

The main timber is american oak which is what we have in our house on the stairs and floorboards so a good match.

No idea what the other timbers are as they were from my existing stock.

Some action shots:  

 I don’t have room for a full size jointer or thicknesser so  make do with these.     

 Good use for the folding workcentre 

 Bessey clamps are great.

 Luckily I had this food safe oil already – I had bought it for this project a while ago. 

 The final result; my wife is happy with the dimensions.

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