My website got hacked – now back and operational.

I have been a bit busy lately so haven’t recently posted any updated so only found out when I went to post the Shire Woodworking Club’s May newsletter.

There was nothing done to my content but a dodgy redirection was added.

Luckily I was still able to access the administration console so was able to get Wordfence security application added and then I had to pay to get the site cleaned up.

Their report was interesting as I had a lot of cleanup to do removing old plug-ins and themes which was reasonable straightforward.

I was a bit slack but never considered my site was in danger of being hacked due to its small size and the fact I don’t even have my store through the site.

All sorted now and I will need to be a bit more disciplined in updating applications I have added; a bit costly but not too bad considering.   


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