Workshop update – I had too much wood!

I found I had a typical small shop woodworkers problem, too much wood!

It snuck up on me as I picked up some wood here and there until some of the loose pieces got in my way. I then looked at my wood rack (as shown below) and it was full so something had to be done.

It was either get rid of wood (not desirable) or make something to use up some stock.

I decided that the make something option was better so looked around for an easyish option and decided to replace the stand over my drum sander as below:

A couple of years ago I had made a “temporary” frame that sat over the top of the sander which provided extra shelf space but this meant that I had to remove the stuff on top and then the frame to actually use the drum sander which was a pain.

So I made a cover for the drum sander using the Festool domino for the joints (top and bottom plus one cross piece) and used 4 off-cut plywood pieces for the back. Actually took quite a bit of wood as needed to be reasonably tall plus strong enough to store things on top.  


Works well. Not really strong but not necessary as only the scroll saw and router fence on top plus odds and sods. Also decided to move my spindle sander as a pain to move as well so don’t use it as much as I would like.

Had a stool/stand I made for a dehumidifier that was not being used and stored beside the drum sander as in a photo above. I added wheels and a wider top so now usable and can easily be reverted if necessary – see photo above. Also gives me some space where it was that I haven’t decided how to use yet (still vacant).    

So after the wood was extracted I braced up and sorted my wood rack including all loose wood and now have expansion space (always good) and can easily see what I have got. 


Took quite a while to do all this but well worth the effort; plus I didn’t have to get rid of any wood! 

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