Workshop Update – trucks and cufflinks

Workbench status has not changed since last weekend. I don’t normally get much done during the week other than batches of gluing or small tasks.  

Workshop looks messy but two projects happening at the same time. The green file holds my loose sandpaper sheets. 

I am working on another batch of toy trucks for the Shire Woodworking Club to donate to the Sydney Children’s Hospital, twelve new builds in progress as below:

They are different sizes as the club has provided a mixture of wheels that they are overstocked in that I am trying to use up. 

These are at the sanding stage before I add the bumpers; found it was much easier to sand first! 

I am also cleaning up old parts as shown below:

The axle holes were cut before gluing up (I restrict this now) and the wheels then wouldn’t turn cleanly so needed larger axle holes.

The larger holes were made by expanding the current hole which doesn’t work so I have had to drill even larger holes and I will plug these with dowels.

Some are a bit rough so may get painted for the club to sell rather than provided natural for the hospital where the children paint them. 

Also decided to do something with a failed pen blank as below:


This is a mallee burl that I didn’t want to throw out as was thinking about at least getting a key ring out of it.

However I have now changed my mind and going to make some cuff-links as shown below:  

I bought some of the attachments a while ago which I have not used to date; I have an awful lot of items like this!

Will need to experiment with glues on other wood first before I use the mallee blank.

I am sanding the blank using sandpaper sheets and may buff later.

Still have to work out the best way to cut the slices off; options are table saw, band saw, scroll saw or hand saw.

I don’t want to waste wood or risk damage to me so table saw probably not a viable option.

Hopefully will have an update next post. 

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