Workshop Update – Resin infused hybrid pen blanks

I thought it was about time that I turned these resin infused hybrid pen blanks that I bought a while ago from The Burl Shed in Perth. Decided to make a Lucinda pen (9mm tube; slightly smaller than a sierra) and some keyrings with this blank: First attempt at turning this was a keyring and the result as below Tried 5 different tools with similar results so realised that all my turning tools needed sharpening. […]

The Cubby House Turners Woodies Inc – June 2017 Newsletter

Current Cubby House Turners Woodies club newsletter below. Sadly three member passed away last month; although as the average age of members is 80 this will occur. Some good looking show and tell items but need more general woodwork items. Good to see that they are having a toy week, hope they get a good turnout.

Shire Woodworking Club – June 2017 Newsletter

Shire Woodworking Club – June 2017 Newsletter posted below. Great article with pictures about the club’s toymaking activities; unfortunately I am unable to attend due to work. The member profile is on Maurice Smith who actually contacted me via this site to obtain contact information and subsequently joined.  The Sutherland Shire Council has been very good to the club and good to see that the new staff are welcomed appropraitely. Great photo of Terry Murphy […]

Workshop Update – just two pieces of wood!

Finished one set of cuff links; or just two pieces of wood as my wife’s nephew Dylan remarked after I posted them on Instagram.   Will complete some more with burls that I am in the process of sanding but wanted to see how one looked when completed. I need to get working on my Shire Woodworking plank competition entry due later this year – I managed to pickup the pine plank (1500mm x 290mm x […]