Workshop Update – just two pieces of wood!

Finished one set of cuff links; or just two pieces of wood as my wife’s nephew Dylan remarked after I posted them on Instagram.  

Will complete some more with burls that I am in the process of sanding but wanted to see how one looked when completed.

I need to get working on my Shire Woodworking plank competition entry due later this year – I managed to pickup the pine plank (1500mm x 290mm x 19mm) last month  


I decided to make a smaller garage than a previous years entry when I had twice the wood to work with.

This is a photo I found quite a while ago but no plans or dimensions were available so I made a plywood test piece to work out the steps required. 

I used the toys on the top for scaling the project and then experimented to with the size to end up with the the result which includes a drive thru are as well.

Not sure what petrol bowsers I will end up with; I think that these look better than the basic blocks in the inspiration photo.  

The pain point is the resawing and thicknessing of the pine otherwise the project will be too chunky – and my drum sanders motor is playing up!


I have worked on the toy trucks filling the incorrect axle holes and redrilling then some sanding but have not finished any yet.


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