Workshop Update – More Trains

After I finished my last years plank entry I bought some additional plans from Toys and Joysand the kits to go with them. These are my attempts at the Little Choo Choo: As easy to make two but I missed out the little car for the second one as not comfortable selling this as the wheels are a bit small.      Details: Little Choo Choo    Finished Model is approximately 22″ long.   I have […]

Shire Woodworking Club – April 2018 Newsletter

Shire Woodworking Club – April 2018 Newsletter posted below. Article showing latest delivery to Sydney Children’s Hospital with good photos. A lot of variety in the items delivered; nothing of mine as I have been a bit slack.    Profile of one of our youngest members @42 years; doesn’t drop the average much as weighted too heavily at older members. Some photos included from the Sydney Royal Easter Show, some additional photos that I took:   […]

Workshop update – pen organisation and disassembly

Workshop update – pen organisation and disassembly. Have been turning some different pens recently and found that I didn’t know what blanks I had worked on; the plastic drawers as below are good to keep kits and bushings in but also including blanks was a bit messy.      I saw something similar the the stand below on Instagram and thought it was good as you can see the quantity for each type. Looks a […]