Workshop Update – More Trains

After I finished my last years plank entry I bought some additional plans from Toys and Joysand the kits to go with them.

These are my attempts at the Little Choo Choo:

As easy to make two but I missed out the little car for the second one as not comfortable selling this as the wheels are a bit small.  



Little Choo Choo


Finished Model is approximately 22″ long.


I have started on this set but the bases need shaped as quite a but wider.

TJ Choo Choo

Finished Model is approximately 40″ long.


Started on the Little Choo Choo as looked easier and decided to make two sets as not much extra work.

Used the disc sander to round the ends of the carriages and then routed out the excess to give overhangs    


 Some progress photos from the builds

The bases are the width of timber I can buy from bunnings so easy. 

I rounded the ends on a disc sander and then routed out the rebates; took quite a few passes though.

Just finished the third train as had some extra bases; this time I used the scroll saw to cut out the rebates and this worked quite well. I was going to tidy up with the router but didn’t need to for the single piece but will probably use the router if doing another set.


This is the jig I used to drill the holes at each end.

This is the jig I used for the last carriage; easier to drill the pieces out and then cut them. 

I made another train from bits and decided that it was easier to use a solid block in future with three holes drilled.


Saw this method on youtube on how to trim the axles to length to use as carriage pins; worked very well.



A progress picture where I was applying finish to the wheels.

I used Organoil Natural Wax & Polish (A refined Beeswax and Citrus Oil polish with pleasant aromatics and emulsified into a ready-to-use paste).

I saw that a number of Etsy toys had this finish so thought I would try it; easier to apply than an oil and a lot less smell!

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