2018 Plank Competition Entry – Shire Woodworking Club

2018 Plank Competition Entry – Shire Woodworking Club

This as my entry in the 2018 Half Plank Toy Competition (1500mm x 290mm x 19mm). 

My build was based on this photo I found a few years ago when I was looking for inspiration for my 3000mm plank competition entry.

As I couldn’t find any details about the garage I estimated the size using matchbox cars as per the photo. I made a prototype using plywood scraps which worked well as I had various thicknesses available so I didn’t have to resaw or use a thicknesser.  

Had some difficulties with thicknessing the base and ended up re-sawing is and individually thicknessing the pieces.

Used a hole cutter for the wheels and then tidied them up on the lathe.


Actually used some hand tools; here doing a bit of planing


Painted 4 coats on the garage and 3 for the car and truck.

Used some screws for strength but the base is joined with dowels and glue only. The petrol pumps are screwed from underneath.

I bought the BP stickers on eBay for my 2016 competition entry, these were left over. Sealed with Mod Podge.

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