I appear in Shire Woodworking April newsletter showing my cat scratcher!

I appear in Shire Woodworking April newsletter below on page 9 showing my cat scratcher with a small commentary. Good mix the newsletter as usual with photos from the latest toy delivery of 319 toys and other items to the Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick. Good turnout for the last maxi-day show and tell, always quite a variety of submissions. Some members are quite prolific but they are retired so should have more time; although to hear […]

Shire Woodworking Club – Plank Competition Changed To Toymaking Plank Competition & February Newsletter

The annual Shire Woodworking Club Plank competition has now been changed to the Toymaking Plank Competition with half a previous plank. I wasn’t at the meetings where the rules were changed but it is a major shift as evidenced by the previous winning entries shown in the newsletter below on page 5. Another major change is that you cannot keep the project and pay for the timber; all entries belong to the club.    I was […]

Shire Woodworking Club – 2016 in Review

The club achieved a lot in 2016, full details below but some highlights were: Toy deliveries to the Child Life and Music Therapists at the Children’s Hospital, Randwick. Toys and items plus specific requests Donation box for Knights of St George Heart Association Community requests Table for impaired child Chairs Christmas Lights roller stand and wooden inserts (storage) for Seniors Activity Unit at Sutherland Shire Council Display cabinet for Menai Rural Fire Service Hope Tree for the Royal […]

680 charitable toy & item donations by Shire Woodworking Club in November

The Shire Woodworking Club has been very busy recently preparing for 123 Christmas toys and item donations to local charities and the final year delivery of 557 items to Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. This is the 18th year the Club has donated toys at Christmas to Shire Community organisations. This year the club donated 123 items to Sutherland Shire Family Services, John Franklin Christmas Lunch, and Kingsway Community Care. Total charitable toy & item delivery count for 2016 is 1129 My painted […]

Finished toy trucks for charity Christmas gifts

Finally finished some toy trucks for charity Christmas gifts; had 4 partially finished from last year – they had a couple of coats of paint as shown in the photo below.  Had a variety of wheel sizes from Shire Woodworking Club so this dictated the truck sizes. Good way to use scraps of wood and plywood. Partially glued up; I have found that if I glue the tops first it is easier to clamp. I […]

Woodworking drill press injury but not from the drill bit

Drill presses shouldn’t be a dangerous tool when used correctly for woodworking.  I wasn’t hurt by the drill bit but by the toy truck getting caught and spinning into my hand. I was only enlarging the axle hole not making a new one so thought that it was a simple task. This happened on the third truck!     I should have learnt when this happened in July then this might not have happened last […]

SWC Wooden Trucks for Sydney Children’s Hospital

Shire Woodworking Club’s Wooden Fendered Trucks for Sydney Children’s Hospital.  Interesting article by Barry in the June Sawdust & shavings newsletter about the history of the trucks with photos of the inspiration.