Workshop Update – Resin infused hybrid pen blanks

I thought it was about time that I turned these resin infused hybrid pen blanks that I bought a while ago from The Burl Shed in Perth. Decided to make a Lucinda pen (9mm tube; slightly smaller than a sierra) and some keyrings with this blank: First attempt at turning this was a keyring and the result as below Tried 5 different tools with similar results so realised that all my turning tools needed sharpening. […]

The Cubby House Turners Woodies Inc – June 2017 Newsletter

Current Cubby House Turners Woodies club newsletter below. Sadly three member passed away last month; although as the average age of members is 80 this will occur. Some good looking show and tell items but need more general woodwork items. Good to see that they are having a toy week, hope they get a good turnout.

The Cubby House Turners Woodies Inc – May 2017 Newsletter

Current Cubby House Turners Woodies club newsletter below. Not a lot happening in this months newsletter; some good looking items at show and tell but mostly turned items plus an article on hand planes.. There are always brain teasers if you are interested in these; most are reasonably difficult.   Unfortunately two members died recently; I went to Ken Stuart’s funeral which had a good turnout of club members – he will be missed.  

Workshop update for Easter projects and to date!

Some old and new projects completed over the Easter break and last weekend.  Finally finished updating my wife’s file storage cabinet. As shown below this is part of a built in wardrobe that she uses for storing cardboard files The main problem with this is that they fall over and are hard to get to at the back. She has tried stands to separate the files but with limited success. I suggested using additional drawers […]

The Cubby House Turners Woodies Inc – March 2017 Newsletter

Current Cubby House Turners Woodies club newsletter below. The club is getting more into general woodworking which is good; a good article by Trevor Naylor regarding his experience during a mini day using a Gifkin boxmaking jig.  Very mixed bag of show and tell entries; starting to get more general woodworking entries which is encouraging.   Shame about the weather for the open day on the 4th March; unfortunately I was unable to attend, looks […]

The Cubby House Turners Woodies Inc – February 2017 Newsletter

Current club newsletter below. Merv Larsson was a deserving winner of the “best of the best 2016” with his impressive looking weather station and clock.   Merv joined the club around the same time as me quite a few years ago and has gone from strength to strength; helps that he was a toolmaker by trade! Good to see that the club has finally introduced a best displayed joinery category for show and tell at […]

The Cubby House Turners Woodies Inc

Finally managed to make it back to the The Cubby House Turners Woodies in Sydney in December (last visited in June) and organised getting the email newsletter. I have created a Cubby House page with older newsletters that will get updated gradually. This was a purely woodturning club when I joined years ago but after the Shire Woodworking Club moved to separate premises a few years ago the club moved towards general woodworking as well. They were […]