Shire Woodworking Club – January 2018 Newsletter

Shire Woodworking Club – January 2018 Newsletter posted below.

Geoff Tong was a deserving winner of the SWC Excellence Award; he makes some great items, mostly turnings. Other category winners were also deserving; one of these years I need to enter something!

Numbers of entries have reduced since plank competition entries were excluded.

Great turnout for the Christmas lunch, and a great feed. I am in the photo at the back in the left row.

Sorry to hear about the death of Bill Lewis; he was very active and visible from when I joined until the last few years. Unfortunately I was unable to attend his funeral as I was away.

Great to see Graham winning a Cook Community Award, but not a good photo!

The club spent quite a bit of cash ($5,500) buying two Sawstop tables saws. This is good from a safety point of view especially due to the recent injury to Bob but a shame that the Triton saw has to go as it is one of the last items from when we were the Triton Owners Club – Oyster Bay.  

Also good to see that the club is so busy during the week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays that it is now open on Thursdays.   

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I am an accountant who uses woodwork as a way to escape computers. I work in the back half of a tandem garage under the house; effectively a basement that also houses my wife’s car. I have a reasonable set of tools and am getting more into hand tools, mainly due to the lack of noise and dust minimization. I live in Sydney Australia and am a active member of The Shire Woodworking Club, Cubby House Turners & Woodies Inc and The Traditional Tools Group Inc Why Hugo’s Woodshop? All decent website options with Gary were taken so I had to look for something else! Hugo is our 3 year old Ragdoll cat who is very nosy and likes investigating the garage / workshop:
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