Podcasts I listen to and a quick review of each

I have a 30-40 minute drive to work so have quite a bit of time to listen to podcasts in the car, some that I listen to regularly are: Wood Talk 316 podcasts to date Almost the original woodworking podcast; I found this a couple of years ago and went back and listened to all the old podcasts which took a while. Three guys, nice mix of machine and hand tool discussions and advice. 360 […]

This years plank competition entry – due 10th September.

I am making this from plans from toysandjoys but I have turned the engine which should look better. Not sure about the wheels yet, will probably end up using the ones provided with the plan. Dimensioning the timber is the challenge and making my 10/20 drum sander work hard. I have got most of the pieces the correct thickness (or close enough) and now have to shape them, the ones behind the engine will end up rounder […]

Shire Woodworking Club – Election Day Winner

In Australia we recently held our federal election; as the club is next door to a polling station we made full use of the passing foot traffic.      

Fred the builder

This is the latest effort by Fred from the Shire Woodworking Club; very good for an almost 90 year old. Fred has a corner at the club where he made these including all the furniture included in the dolls houses.

Shire Woodworking Club – 2016 Plank Competition.

I have entered this competition for a number of years without winning any prizes; although I have been advised that if some of the items had been finished I would have performed a lot better. I seem to run out of time every year as I have a habit of changing my mind over what I going to make as well as underestimating the work involved. I have to have my project finished by 10th […]

Managed to do a bit of woodturning over the weekend:

Haven’t done any turning for about two years so started off slowly; had to locate everything I needed first! Turned these only using a roughing gouge; a bit of practice before the pine below. First time I tried the sierra pen blank also first time I have turned a razor handle What happens with blunt tools and delicate blanks!   Engine for my train entry in this years plank competition, quite pleased with the result. […]

Posts lost – I messed up while doing updates

Somehow I managed to wipe all my posts while trying to install a gallery application. I have the details so will be reposting over the next couple of days  

Sydney Working with Wood Show

Visited the show for a long lunch on Friday and managed to limit my purchases: Looking to get back into turning so bought some pen parts, blanks and new Micro-Mesh Micro Finishing System Pack.  The butt chisel is Narex and looks promising for small trimming without cutting my hand. The show was OK with a good selection of timber available but I don’t have a lot of space so resisted.