680 charitable toy & item donations by Shire Woodworking Club in November

The Shire Woodworking Club has been very busy recently preparing for 123 Christmas toys and item donations to local charities and the final year delivery of 557 items to Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. This is the 18th year the Club has donated toys at Christmas to Shire Community organisations. This year the club donated 123 items to Sutherland Shire Family Services, John Franklin Christmas Lunch, and Kingsway Community Care. Total charitable toy & item delivery count for 2016 is 1129 My painted […]

Finished toy trucks for charity Christmas gifts

Finally finished some toy trucks for charity Christmas gifts; had 4 partially finished from last year – they had a couple of coats of paint as shown in the photo below.  Had a variety of wheel sizes from Shire Woodworking Club so this dictated the truck sizes. Good way to use scraps of wood and plywood. Partially glued up; I have found that if I glue the tops first it is easier to clamp. I […]

Woodworking drill press injury but not from the drill bit

Drill presses shouldn’t be a dangerous tool when used correctly for woodworking.  I wasn’t hurt by the drill bit but by the toy truck getting caught and spinning into my hand. I was only enlarging the axle hole not making a new one so thought that it was a simple task. This happened on the third truck!     I should have learnt when this happened in July then this might not have happened last […]

Shire Woodworking Club – 2016 Plank Competition

This years plank competition results are on page three in the attached newsletter. Category A is for previous winners; they can use other wood rather than the pine plank. Category B is for previous 1st and 2nd placed entries in Category C Category C is for all other entrants  My entry would have been in Category C, starting on page 7 if I had been able to complete and submit it. As per a previous […]

Workshop Update – Toy trucks for charity and some pen turning

Working on the toy trucks for Christmas charity donations; have glued up all the bodies now need to paint them and add the wheels and fenders. Not looking forward to the painting so will try spray cans first. Trucks will be a single colour, either red or blue at this stage. Also managed some turning, these are the bullet pen parts available from Timberbits. The wood is black palm which is apparently only available in […]

Haven’t managed much shop time recently.

Have had a lot on recently so have not managed to get anything completed hence the frozen in time picture! Have managed to sharpen a couple of roughing gauges for turning but as it has been so long since I used my Tormek I had to watch the video’s to refresh my memory. All worked although the buffing wheel is totally dry so need to get some light machine oil. Work I want to get […]

Craft Fairs and Design Markets – free email bootcamp from The Nerdburgers

I recently participated in the free 8 day Craft Fairs and Design Markets bootcamp from The Nerdburgers by Monica Ng. While this is focused towards Fairs and markets it also covers online selling through Etsy and eBay. Monica designs and sells jewelry but really this makes minimal difference as it is still about items you are selling. Lesson 1: Why you need to sell at craft fairs and design markets Lesson 2: Pricing for profit is not a […]

Shire Woodworking Club – Children’s Artistic Approach To Our Therapy Items

See page 6 in the Shire Woodworking Club’s September newsletter below regarding the latest toy donation to the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick . Some great photos of decorated gifts for the children the club provides to the Child Life and Music Therapists at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. Also on page 6 is a “Hope” tree requested  by the The Child Life Therapists at Royal North Shore Hospital. They admired the “Hope” trees that were […]