Workshop Update – Photography experimenting

David, my wife’s 13 year old nephew recently got a new canon EOS camera for his birthday so yesterday I setup my small light box for him to experiment with.  

I setup my three lights for him to use; the front one is on a tripod which makes it very flexible. I also provided him with various backgrounds as shown in the photos of keyrings, these are lining I have used for boxes.

Since it was set up I thought I would also see how one of my stabilised burl keyrings looked with different backgrounds.

Posted this photo on Instagram and Facebook and got very mixed responses; the blue just won but the grey and off white were very close in votes.

The photos below are all of the same keyring and same lighting setup with only the backgrounds changing. It makes a huge difference as shown here. Used the instagram layout application but you are limited to only a few styles.

Not sure how much I should sell these for, the plain wood ones go for about AUS$16 so the stabilised burls should be over $20.

Took some photos of seam rippers that I finished a while ago but hadn’t got around to shooting, they are now in my store.

Also experimenting with different stands, normally this doesn’t make much difference when you crop them. 

Also needed a way  to capture different angles for the key rings so used a bit of rod clamped to a bit of wood; worked well but hard to keep out of the shot. 

Quite a good learning experience; still waiting to see what David came up with using his new camera.

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