Shire Woodworking Club – September 2017 Newsletter

Shire Woodworking Club – September 2017 Newsletter posted below.

Good turnout for the AGM, I am on the toy making subcommittee again.  Good to see that all positions were filled before the AGM; definitely not the case in most clubs.

The main committee does a great job and are very committed.  

Overview of the years activities; I didn’t realise that we had delivered 1193 items to the Randwick Children’s Hospital plus the Christmas charity donations.

I delivered 10 toy trucks for the club and was persuaded to include them in the show and tell; photo on page 7.

I am also mentioned on page 9 where I presented my Galbert Caliper I bought after reading Chris Schwarz’s blog in Popular Woodworking; haven’t used it properly yet but looks good, Came with metric gauge installed and with imperial as well which is good service.

Monthly theme was Marquetry, Inlays and Intarsia which I am not really into but was good to see examples.

Quite a few articles on the forthcoming plank competition; this will be covered in full next month plus I am working on a post covering my entry.    

This was my entry (85cm / 24 in long):


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