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A readers mother recently sent me a great email as follows: 

I’m Amy, a stay at home mom. My son Jack has a fascination with woodworking. His great grandfather has done it for quite some time, so he knows a bit about it from him. He did some research on his own to show his boy scouts and found your page. He really enjoyed it – thanks a lot!

In return, Jack wanted to share with you another page he found handy, . It’s all about woodworking projects at home – it even has a section for kids!Jack plans on bringing this to his fellow scouts along with some of the things he found on your page. He was thinking it would be a great addition to your page – what do you think?

Whether you add it or not, we wanted to say thank you for your help!  If you do add, please just let me know.  Jack loves research and would be happy to know you added it!

Thanks again!


Comments on the page:

The page is a Guide to Home Woodworking Projects by HomeAdvisor. 

It contains links to documents on other sites and some of the ones I clicked on are no longer available.   



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  1. I’m sorry to tell you that the email you quote above is from a spammer. If you search carefully in Google, you will find that someone has sent similar emails – with slight changes to wording and names – to many woodworking organisations (e.g. We got one too. They just want links to that website.
    Nigel Mackintosh
    Webmaster, Cheshire & North Wales Woodturners Association

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