Shire Woodworking Club – October 2018 Newsletter

Shire Woodworking Club – October 2018 Newsletter posted below.

A lot to see in this months newsletter with the photos from the plank competition entries along with a delivery to the Sydney Children’s Hospital of 195 items.

I am featured in the division C category; I got 3rd equal this year; last year I got third!

Some great entries in all three categories; quite different considering we all had the same pine planks to use and all had to make toys.

We were only supposed to use 10% additional items but some of the entries particularly in category a stretched this somewhat.   

There was also a show area where items could be displayed but not much talking about them as is usual. I brought along some pens and razer kits to show.

Some of these items were quite spectacular particularly the boxes with marquetry and engraving as highlighted on page 11. I am looking forward to the club purchasing our own engraver; hopefully someone will be able to use it for me!

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