My version of a wooden guitar stand

My version of a wooden guitar stand.

I bought a guitar years ago with the intention of learning how to play; finally decided to get it restrung towards the end of last year.

Went to a new guitar shop in Leichhard near me and somehow the discussion turned to stands; they were trying to buy some from Melbourne but getting no responses. These were primarily for displays in the store for expensive guitars currently on cheap looking stands.

I said that I could probably make something similar; the prices were around the $150 mark depending on the type of timber.

These are some photos I copied while the site was still active; now unavailable!

We looked at others while I was there like these below but they liked the clean lines as above.

All I had to go by was the dimensions as per (105 x 45 x 30 cm) so had to do some layouts and make templates:

I used long steel rule to lay out the curves. two clamps worked to hold the ruler at the end:  

I didn’t have any long pieces of timber thick enough so I laminated some 18 mm plywood I had spare. 


I found that I was not great a duplicating shapes on my cheap bandsaw!


This was an earlier fit before I refined the shapes 


Did a lot of sanding until I was reasonably happy with the shapes:

My wife’s nephew was visiting from NZ with his band so I was able to test a bass guitar as well as mine; probably needs to be 25 mm taller to fit all guitars.

Rounded off the edges; note to self – drill the hole for the holder after you round over or plug the hole when rounding over. 

Applied an oak stain plus 2 coats of wipe on poly; no more at this stage as only a prototype for me. I quite like the semi industrial look.


Some things they specified were a swivel head for different types of guitars and preferably a single bolt for assembly.

I managed the swivel head by purchasing wall mounted hangers from eBay and used a angled hole with a dowel to enable the swivel. It is not glued in but can easily be later.  

I used a Festool domino to join the base together and currently 2 long screws to connect together; may manage 1 screw and a pin in later versions if required. This is quite strong so happy with the result.   


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