New themed pens – Cat, Dog and Music

I saw these Cat, Dog and Music themed pen kits advertised recently on my USA suppliers site and as they are not available here in Australia I decided would get some and try making them. The starter kits contain the mechanisms plus the bushings and drill bit required.


These pens are currently for sale through my eBay and Etsy stores, link here. These pens may be sold but I will be completing the others so should always have some available

The Cat

I bought the starter set containing one Cat Twist Pen Kit in Chrome, one Cat Twist Pen Kit in 24 kt Gold and one Cat Twist Pen Kit in Antique Pewter.

The blurb:

Create this adorable pen as a beautiful and meaningful gift for cat lovers. It will be used and appreciated to express their love and devotion to that special kitty cat. Your handmade cat pen will capture this special relationship through the pen’s fine details; The pen end features an end cap with a sleeping cat sculpted into a weaved basket with the kitty’s full, curved tail playfully falling out to act as the sturdy pen clip. The center band is wrapped with silhouettes of cat caricatures in different spirited positions and decorated with rope trim. The pen tip is engraved with a playful pattern of cat paw prints with rope trim. 

I made the gold one using olive wood I import from Israel: 


The Dog

I also bought the starter set which contained one of Dog Click Pen Kit in Antique Pewter, one Dog Click Pen Kit in 24 kt Gold and one Dog Click Pen Kit in Chrome.

The blurb:

Always be reminded of your best friend – everywhere you go. Inspired everything doggie including; Click Top: Cast into the shape of a classic dog bowl with biscuit detail that wraps around the exterior. The top features a stamped dog paw print and is slightly recessed for comfortable clicking. Includes the same super quiet, smooth action click mechanism found in our Vertex pen kits. Spring Pen Clip: A bone is commonly considered a dogs favorite treat (or toy) and we thought it the perfect way to represent the clip. Back-end and tip: Paw prints are engraved in a playful pattern around the tip and back-end to represent the happy, energetic spirit of a dog. “I LOVE MY DOG” is engraved below the paw prints on the tip to signify the valuable relationship between an owner and their dog. 

I made the gold one using olive wood I import from Israel: 

The Music Pen

I also bought the starter kit containing one Music Pen Kit in Chrome, one in 24 kt Gold, one in Antique Brass and one in Antique Pewter.

This pen is quite chunky so will not appeal to everyone 

The blurb:

Your recipient will twist and shout with joy over this perfect musical gift. The pen cap features a realistically inspired snare drum Ð a versatile drum used in the military, marching bands and even rock bands. The pen clip replicates the head, neck and strings of a guitar. The center band features piano keys while the tip of the pen features music notes and symbols. 

I made the gold one using Australian spotted gum


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