Workshop update – I had too much wood!

I found I had a typical small shop woodworkers problem, too much wood! It snuck up on me as I picked up some wood here and there until some of the loose pieces got in my way. I then looked at my wood rack (as shown below) and it was full so something had to be done. It was either get rid of wood (not desirable) or make something to use up some stock. I […]

The Cubby House Turners Woodies Inc – March 2017 Newsletter

Current Cubby House Turners Woodies club newsletter below. The club is getting more into general woodworking which is good; a good article by Trevor Naylor regarding his experience during a mini day using a Gifkin boxmaking jig.  Very mixed bag of show and tell entries; starting to get more general woodworking entries which is encouraging.   Shame about the weather for the open day on the 4th March; unfortunately I was unable to attend, looks […]

Shire Woodworking Club still haven’t sold my toy garage!

My 2015 plank competition entry of a toy garage that I finally finished last year was on sale at the Sutherland Seniors Festival in Sydney on the 8th March; visible in the photo on the front page of the March newsletter below.  One of the male members showed additional skills by winning the cake baking competition at the Sutherland Seniors Festival; well done Terry Murphy. I am sure that a lot of the female participants […]

How to sell your items; my experience getting setup with Etsy.

I decided to finally try and sell some items and get my Etsy online store operational and hopefully get some return on investment! I had installed WooCommerce on this website and added in all the required Widgets including PayPal and even added an item to test but found the maintenance was a pain. I had previously listed some items on Etsy which had expired; they were setup during a online selling course at my local Community […]