Workshop Update – Slightly Different Pen

Have been experimenting with my resin casting pressure pot and decided a good test would be for the Facebook Group – Australian Pen Turners slimline challenge.

The only criteria was that you had to use a slimline mechanism.   

This is my submission:


I cast cake toppings in resin for the bottom and dyed some light timber I had for the top piece (see photo below for the timber). 

I didn’t feature in the overall winners but received this for creativity: 

Some progress shots:

Used ca glue, this is pre casting

Used Alumilite clear resin 


Tried to make sure that I didn’t go into the cake toppings 


Used ubeaut timber dye for the top and only cast 1 of the top; it was my backup if the hundreds and thousands glue up failed (which it did – I will do a follow up post on casting so far) 

Was quite pleased with the dyel; not so much with the resin cast as had to leave thick because I glued on too many toppings

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