Geoff’s jig for gluing spaced segmented vases

Last month Geoff displayed these vases at the Shire Woodworking maxi day and was asked lots of questions about the making process so he brought his glueing assembly jig along at the next maxi day.

This is his “simple jig” for spacing that he made!

Basically it is an indexing plate that moves the piece a predetermined distance and you add the new piece against the stop. After you have completed a level you move the arm up.

It is critical that the indexing stop has no movement at all – he said that this was one of the harder parts to get accurate. 

This is the jig disassembled

He was looking to buy lathe face plates when a member of the Cubby House Turners and Woodies advised him to simply buy large nuts instead. 

This is a template he downloaded from the internet and attached to a piece of acrylic. He then carefully cut out the notches around the edges

This template is for 12 segments but he has others for different sizes as the jig can be used for multiple setups.

It was very interesting to see as there are no expensive or complex parts just a high level of accuracy required to ensure no movement occurs.

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