Something different – Desk Organisers / Desk Caddies

Something different – Desk Organisers / Desk Caddies

Saw this on Instagram and decided that it looked straight forward, a good use of scraps and none for sale in Australia.

Used timber I already had based the sizes on my timber.

Deciding what holes was a mixture of identifying what forstner drill bits I had and the look, not particularly scientific. I did try and line up with the centers and tries to keep a consistent gap but did it by eye.


Have had some accidents in the past when drilling where the piece spun into my hand so made sure to clamp these securely. 

Was very careful with the large hole and went slow.



Creating some more and found voids in the plywood so had to add shims to fill these up.

Get some interesting variances with the different plywood used; I tried to use similar sizes in each piece.

Got some positive feedback when I posted the finished articles on Instagram so will make a few more and post for sale on eBay and Etsy. Will have to see the postage rates and box sizes which may dictate sizes. 

Quite happy with the finished articles; my wife has already taken the smaller one for her use! 



ell that would be perfect as a Fathers day or birthday present.



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