Resin Casting Experiment – Seam Rippers

I recently decided to use some “new” epoxy resin that I bought 2 years ago; Megapoxy HX.

First thing was to ensure that my air compressor and pressure pot still worked. Pressurized the pot and left it overnight; vey pleased that it was still holding the pressure:

Initial attempt was to ensure that the resin was still ok due to its age; seemed ok as still liquid.

Had all the gear from before:

Decided to use limited colours. White, red, violet and blue dyes with lavender mica powder. 


Decided I needed a rack so made a basic 2 level one:

This is a mould made for tube in pen casts but adequate for this.

Unfortunately for me first attempt my homemade mould leaked and only left a small amount of resin in the bottom. 

The bought mould worked well although I added too much single resin at the bottom. 

For the second attempt I simply added more resin to the leaking mould as it was now sealed by the pressured resin. I also added some blue mica powder to  the blue dye for depth, this worked well.


Only had one join split apart while turning; probably should have abraded the blank before adding the extra resin. 

Was very happy with the Seam Ripper results; the photo doesn’t show the colours that well.  

All for sale through my Etsy and eBay sites 

This is one of the dual pour blanks which does have a block of white but still ended up ok.




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