Woodworking drill press injury but not from the drill bit

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Drill presses shouldn't be a dangerous tool when used correctly for woodworking.  I wasn't hurt by the drill bit but by the toy truck getting caught and spinning into my hand. I was only enlarging the axle hole not making a new one so thought that it was a simple task. This happened on the third truck!     I should have learnt when this happened in July then this might not have happened last weekend: This is how I was holding the work compared to how I should have been holding it: As you can s[...]

Haven’t managed much shop time recently.

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Have had a lot on recently so have not managed to get anything completed hence the frozen in time picture! Have managed to sharpen a couple of roughing gauges for turning but as it has been so long since I used my Tormek I had to watch the video's to refresh my memory. All worked although the buffing wheel is totally dry so need to get some light machine oil. Work I want to get completed: Finish the cat scratchers in the photo, a bit of sanding and staining required. Turn some bullet pens I purchased from T[...]

New purchase – Portable Light Tent for photography in the Workshop

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Purchased this from Photo-Shop-Studio in Sydney to use for my woodwork photography. I was having difficulty getting decent shots without background clutter and shop lighting is not great for photography. Not that I take a lot of photos but $95 total was not too much of an investment for a significant improvement. The tent folds up into a small package for storage which is great and they also sell bulbs ($20 each) that can be used in a normal lamp. I will use the lamps for other work as much better than the old bulbs[...]