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Shire Woodworking Club – May 2018 Newsletter

Shire Woodworking Club – May 2018 Newsletter posted below. Article about workshop demo; the demonstration was good but hard to convey in a article. The table lamps presented were good and quite diverse. Some good show and tell items plus me showing my small train set plus some olive pens where I imported the timber from Jerusalem. Some members were keen on the pens but no-one showed  the money!    Follow up on the Turps article from last month with a bit more information.[...]

Workshop Update – More Trains

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After I finished my last years plank entry I bought some additional plans from Toys and Joysand the kits to go with them. These are my attempts at the Little Choo Choo: As easy to make two but I missed out the little car for the second one as not comfortable selling this as the wheels are a bit small.      Details: Little Choo Choo    Finished Model is approximately 22" long.   I have started on this set but the bases need shaped as quite a but wider. TJ Choo Choo[...]

Shire Woodworking Club – April 2018 Newsletter

Shire Woodworking Club – April 2018 Newsletter posted below. Article showing latest delivery to Sydney Children's Hospital with good photos. A lot of variety in the items delivered; nothing of mine as I have been a bit slack.    Profile of one of our youngest members @42 years; doesn't drop the average much as weighted too heavily at older members. Some photos included from the Sydney Royal Easter Show, some additional photos that I took:   A lot of good show and tell entries; I ha[...]

Workshop update – pen organisation and disassembly

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Workshop update - pen organisation and disassembly. Have been turning some different pens recently and found that I didn't know what blanks I had worked on; the plastic drawers as below are good to keep kits and bushings in but also including blanks was a bit messy.      I saw something similar the the stand below on Instagram and thought it was good as you can see the quantity for each type. Looks a bit fuller now plus I need to add additional categories; a bit scary seeing all the types of kits a[...]

Shire Woodworking Club – March 2018 Newsletter

Shire Woodworking Club – March 2018 Newsletter posted below. Main article was on the visit by representatives from Feast watson and Cabots demonstrating their products. This was very good and well attended.  A good chart showing the colours is included. The plank competition is coming up again; like last year it will be half a plank and must be made into a toy. I will enter but not sure at this stage what I will make, perhaps a smaller toy garage.   Some good show and tell entries; I have been a[...]

Recommended site from a reader

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A readers mother recently sent me a great email as follows:  I'm Amy, a stay at home mom. My son Jack has a fascination with woodworking. His great grandfather has done it for quite some time, so he knows a bit about it from him. He did some research on his own to show his boy scouts and found your page. He really enjoyed it - thanks a lot! In return, Jack wanted to share with you another page he found handy, . It's all about woodworking projec[...]

Shire Woodworking Club – February 2018 Newsletter

Shire Woodworking Club – February 2018 Newsletter posted below. The club had too much wood - what a disaster! There was a mess in the storeroom as shown in the photos on the front page of the newsletter; unfortunately I was unable to make the cleanup but probably a good thing as I would probably have brough excess wood home and I have full shelves already.  The show and tell was very good; some great photos and articles included.  The jewellery box looked better than the photos show; I hope she enjoys[...]

Shire Woodworking Club – June 2004 Newsletter for Triton Owners Club of Oyster Bay

The Shire Woodworking Club used to be called the Triton Owners Club of Oyster Bay before the move to Lilli Pilli. Here is the June 2004 newsletter recently redistributed to show a profile on Doug Wickens who is the clubs oldest member and will be 97 in April; and he still turns up to Saturday maxi days. I had recently joined as a member at that time but was not very active. Interesting to see that a number of the Office Bearers are still active and mostly in the same roles! Barry was doing the newsletter then but[...]

Shire Woodworking Club – January 2018 Newsletter

Shire Woodworking Club – January 2018 Newsletter posted below. Geoff Tong was a deserving winner of the SWC Excellence Award; he makes some great items, mostly turnings. Other category winners were also deserving; one of these years I need to enter something! Numbers of entries have reduced since plank competition entries were excluded. Great turnout for the Christmas lunch, and a great feed. I am in the photo at the back in the left row. Sorry to hear about the death of Bill Lewis; he was very active[...]

Workshop Update – Pens and more pens

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Unfortunately I had to be in NZ for most of November as my mother was dying; typically this was when I started selling pens! I managed to ship some between trips, delay some and got my wife and sister in law to post others.  Another issue was that I forgot to remove a sold item from eBay after it was sold via Etsy; this would happen when I only have one of each item.  This is the pen I sold twice! Luckily I had some more black palm but unfortunately was unable to get the same pen kit so had to use a[...]