Workshop Update – Pens and more pens

Unfortunately I had to be in NZ for most of November as my mother was dying; typically this was when I started selling pens!

I managed to ship some between trips, delay some and got my wife and sister in law to post others. 

Another issue was that I forgot to remove a sold item from eBay after it was sold via Etsy; this would happen when I only have one of each item. 

This is the pen I sold twice!

Luckily I had some more black palm but unfortunately was unable to get the same pen kit so had to use a similar one. I sent updates via eBay but received nothing back so assume everything was OK in the end. The replacement as below actually looked better!   

Quite a while ago I bought a kit and blank from British Made Pen Kits in the UK for a rollerball that is a great kit but I had a nightmare with the finishing as the light wood showed every scratch; finally happy but don’t remember how many times I had to remove the finish and restart.  

This is my attempt

This is from their web site, better photo but my pen looks similar.

The owner of my local cafe was keen to buy a pen when I showed him one I was posting in October but when I got back in early December I had sold the two he liked so made this one on my birthday in December out of Wenge:   

I also completed these on my birthday, first time in years that I have made a slimline. I definitely prefer the single blank kits.


Was particularly impressed with how these two turned out – they were nabbed by my wife’s niece and nephew as christmas presents! 

This was my stock before Christmas presents.


Also have accumulated quite a few key rings


Had some disappointments with the fit of some of the recent pens so bought a disassembly set to assist. It does work but damages the bullet pens top part. Should use calipers to check sizes before finishing.   

Will consider using these for barrel trimming as finding that the larger diameters don’t work with the multi piece barrel trimmer set I have; have seen quite a few using these with a sander combo or on the lathe. 

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