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Workshop Update – More Trains

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After I finished my last years plank entry I bought some additional plans from Toys and Joysand the kits to go with them. These are my attempts at the Little Choo Choo: As easy to make two but I missed out the little car for the second one as not comfortable selling this as the wheels are a bit small.      Details: Little Choo Choo    Finished Model is approximately 22" long.   I have started on this set but the bases need shaped as quite a but wider. TJ Choo Choo[...]

Workshop Update – turning, selling & purchasing

Plank Competition I have spent a lot of my time on my Shire Woodworking Club plank entry; but did manage to finish it on time. See separate post regarding the making of the train set below:    Pen Sales Sold a pen out on eBay out of the blue; I had forgot that I had posted pens for sale here and had a moment of panic that I had already sold or given away the pen. Luckily I still had it available. Decided to sell the item on Etsy to myself instead of removing the listing; do not self review as[...]

Wooden train set for Shire Woodworking Club 2017 pine plank competition

This was my entry in the 2017 Shire Woodworking Club pine plank competition: We received a dressed radiata pine plank (approximately 1500mm x 290mm x 19mm or equivalent). The main rule is: There is no restriction on the number, size, type and design of the entry providing it is used to make one or more toys for the Club. It is to be made predominantly from the timber supplied. Quite a while ago I had bought a set of full size train set plans from toys and joys which included all the wheels, axles and[...]

Workshop Update – just two pieces of wood!

Finished one set of cuff links; or just two pieces of wood as my wife's nephew Dylan remarked after I posted them on Instagram.   Will complete some more with burls that I am in the process of sanding but wanted to see how one looked when completed. I need to get working on my Shire Woodworking plank competition entry due later this year - I managed to pickup the pine plank (1500mm x 290mm x 19mm) last month         I decided to make a smaller garage than a previous years en[...]

Shire Woodworking Club still haven’t sold my toy garage!

My 2015 plank competition entry of a toy garage that I finally finished last year was on sale at the Sutherland Seniors Festival in Sydney on the 8th March; visible in the photo on the front page of the March newsletter below.  One of the male members showed additional skills by winning the cake baking competition at the Sutherland Seniors Festival; well done Terry Murphy. I am sure that a lot of the female participants would have been surprised. Terry brought another cake along on the maxi day but by the time I got[...]

Shire Woodworking Club – Plank Competition Changed To Toymaking Plank Competition & February Newsletter

The annual Shire Woodworking Club Plank competition has now been changed to the Toymaking Plank Competition with half a previous plank. I wasn't at the meetings where the rules were changed but it is a major shift as evidenced by the previous winning entries shown in the newsletter below on page 5. Another major change is that you cannot keep the project and pay for the timber; all entries belong to the club.    I was going to make the train below last year but had to pull out as I was travelling during[...]

Shire Woodworking Club – 2016 Plank Competition

This years plank competition results are on page three in the attached newsletter. Category A is for previous winners; they can use other wood rather than the pine plank. Category B is for previous 1st and 2nd placed entries in Category C Category C is for all other entrants  My entry would have been in Category C, starting on page 7 if I had been able to complete and submit it. As per a previous post I was unable to attend as I was in New Zealand at the time.  Didn't appear to be as many entries as[...]

This years plank competition entry – due 10th September.

I am making this from plans from toysandjoys but I have turned the engine which should look better. Not sure about the wheels yet, will probably end up using the ones provided with the plan. Dimensioning the timber is the challenge and making my 10/20 drum sander work hard. I have got most of the pieces the correct thickness (or close enough) and now have to shape them, the ones behind the engine will end up rounder so to follow the shape of the engine.    [...]

Shire Woodworking Club – 2016 Plank Competition.

I have entered this competition for a number of years without winning any prizes; although I have been advised that if some of the items had been finished I would have performed a lot better. I seem to run out of time every year as I have a habit of changing my mind over what I going to make as well as underestimating the work involved. I have to have my project finished by 10th September 2016. Some of my previous entries are below.[...]